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After The Wax  

After The Wax Don'ts...

  • Take hot showers/baths 24-48 hrs after waxing

  • As tempting as it may be, please don't relax in any hot tubs, saunas or any steam treatments alike

  • Tanning, this includes sun tanning, tanning beds and fake tans 

  • Workout, no sports or any other forms of exercise 

  • Scratch any previously waxed areas with unwashed hands 

  • Apply lotions, deodorants, body spray, powders and/or lotions to the previously waxed areas

  • Use anything not recommend by your therapist

What to Expect...

  • If you've just had your first Brazilian Wax, expect 2 things:

    • You will be addicted to your results. The smoothness is INSANE!

    • Irritation: having multiple hairs pulled from its follicle at the same time will definitely cause slight irritation, your skin will forgive you in a couple days...promise!

  • Irritation + Small Red Bumps = a Temporary Reaction: this is COMMON, if it happens to you, give it about a week or so to clear up and keep exfoliating! Don't stop exfoliating!

  • Hopefully these reactions won't persist, but if they do, please call/text me 860-853-8758

After The Wax Do's...

  • Moisturize EVERYDAY

  • GENTLY exfoliate 2-3 days after waxing. This will help keep in-growns at bay. Too much exfoliation will cause in-growns and irritation

  • DO NOT shave between appointments. 

  • Maintain your smooth appearance with regular waxing every 4-6 weeks.

  • Apply antiseptic creams regularly to the waxed area for 3 days following your appointment

  • Avoid swimming/pools with chlorine

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